We are working with the knowledgeable and skilled staff, which will always used to work hard to provide the best and effective product line to our clients.
Raw Herbs
Raw herbs are the natural plants which are used as either medicines or health supplements or as food supplements. These herbs are derived from plants, fruit, flower, seed, bark, leaves, stems or twigs. These products are 100% natural and pure in form and have nature’s best nutritional elements which are required in human body.

 Our clients are spread across all the corners of the country and this is an evidence of the consistent growth in our raw herbs consumption and its efficiency. Our expert team members have the vital knowledge of these raw herbs and its uses. So many medicinal products are prepared from these herbs which are free from any harmful chemicals and 100% natural, pure and safe.

  • Collected from plants and trees directly and manually
  • Sorted and cleaned from dust
  • Shed dried
  • Powdered under complete hygienic condition
  • Capsulated/Tabletted under ISO/GMP certified plant
  • Oil manufactured under due hygienic care and extracted by maintaining temperature and pressure to keep the elements of the product intact
  • Extract are manufactured under strict supervision and extracted by hydro-solvent based extraction process. We take proper care to extract the product free from chemicals if used to extract the product. No chemical residue.

    Product List:-
    • Moringa Leaves Powder
    • Rubia Cordifolia Root Powder
    • Neem Leaves Powder
    • Senna Leaves Powder
    • Aloe Vera Products
    • Andrographis Panniculata Powder and many more …