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Raw herbs are the natural plants which are used as either medicines or health supplements or as food supplements. These herbs are derived from plants, fruit, flower, seed, bark, leaves, stems or twigs. These products are 100% natural and pure in form and have nature’s best nutritional elements which are required in human body. 
All plants on this earth contain 1 or 2 active ingredients. These ingredients are the main principle element or product which works well on human body and fulfills requirement of the human being. According to these ingredients patients are treated or given the product as a supplement or medicine. An extract is a substance made by
Medical disposals are the products designed for a single use and disposed as a solid waste. These medical disposals are manufactured using medical grade raw material and cutting edge technology.  These are used in hospitals, clinics, medical colleges & health institutes etc. In order to cater to the variegated demands of medical sector, the offered range is available
Essential oils are the volatile substance of a plant flower/root/seeds/twigs/skin/whole plant and fruits. These volatile substances are made of lipid and are in form of oil. These oils are known as ESSENTIAL OILS. These essential oils are extracted from plant either by cold press,
We are one of the leading exporter and retailer of Surgical Disposables. Surgical Disposables are designed for the surgery process and are used for single time only. Fabricated in accordance with the latest market trends and requirements of the customers, these products are made available to them at leading prices in the market. Moreover, 
Being one of the leading exporter and supplier of minerals and ores, we are offering an exclusive range ofChina clay powder, Potassium feldspar, Talc powder, Fly Ash, Microsilica, Bentonite and many more … The properties of our minerals & ores make it unique from others and ensure its usage in several applications.